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100 Dairy Road CUB 315 | Pullman, WA 99164-7204 | 509-335-5433 | pan.recruitment@wsu.edu | www.wsusororities.com


Registration for Primary Sorority Recruitment
is open until August 1st at 5:00PM! 

 Make sure to have the following before registering:

  1. Your WSU Student ID number.
  2. WSU E-mail.
    1. YOU MUST use your WSU email on the registration form.
  3. Off-Campus address if you are not living in a WSU Residence Hall.
  4. A list of your leadership and extracurricular activities/hobbies.
  5. (OPTIONAL) A 30 second video telling or showing a little bit about you, what you like to do for fun, or your goals/aspirations.
    1. Due to COVID-19, the possibility of using virtual formats for at least some parts of recruitment is looking somewhat likely. We want to ensure that chapters are getting to know the real you, so this is a great opportunity to express yourself and be 100% you!
      1. There is no need to dress up or produce a super high quality video. This should be casual and seen as an opportunity to express who you are, that way chapters can get to know the real, authentic you!
    2. MAKE SURE that your video is viewable to those with the link. 
    3. If you don't have this ready at the moment, or don't want to upload a video, that is okay. You have access to log back into your account and edit your information until August 1st, so you can register and upload your video link later if you would like!
    4. (You are not required to upload a video about you to register for recruitment. However, this is a great opportunity to show more about you and we highly encourage it!)
  6. A credit card to pay the $100 registration fee.
  7. If applicable, the name and college/university of any female family members who are sorority affiliated (legacies).
The cost for registration is $100 which goes towards meals, materials, housing, programming, and other event expenses. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Chapters can and will use your registration answers to determine their first round invitations. Please take the necessary time to fill out this registration completely, accurately, and honestly. We want to know the real you!*

**PLEASE NOTEStudents participating in the final Fall Alive! session cannot participate in Primary Sorority Recruitment.**